Kaimuki Parking Lot Changes

Megan Centeio
Megan Centeio
Jath McKuhen
Jath McKuhen

(KHNL) -- Finding a parking spot in the Kaimuki neighborhood of Oahu can be difficult.

Some believe it's even more of a challenge now.

This week, city officials changed the way they operate a much-used parking lot off Waialae Avenue.

In the past, drivers would pay a meter, but now, a private company is managing the lot.  And some people are shelling out more to use it.

Megan Centeio parks there everyday because she attends a nearby cosmetology school. She used to pay a couple hundred dollars a month and estimates she'll pay $100 more.

"It's kind of like a lose-lose situation because there's not much other available parking around here so I'm definitely not happy about having to pay more to park here," said Centeio.

Parking here for a few hours costs the same as it did when the meters were working. But the longer you stay, the more you pay.

The idea is to limit the number of stalls used by people who work nearby, to free up more spots for customers. Those we talked to are happy with the change. Some are spending even less.

"Actually I like it better because I go to the chiropractor and it's basically about 10-15 minutes so what happens is I go with a grace period, and it's free," said Sheina Querido, driver.

But others are looking at different options.

"I don't park here anymore. I've decided to, it was much cheaper, and less convenient to take the bus, but it's much cheaper, it's $40 a month for a bus pass," said Jath McKuhen, a driver.