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August 8, 2007

Shockers? Not Really

Sometimes the lead story is a shocker.   And sometimes it's no surrise at all.

While we await the decision on what the supposed Honolulu mass transit system might look like, now comes an idea to use bus-like vehicles, apparently popular in the Netherlands.  But that plan would mess up the original specifications approved by the City Council.  A delay on mass transit??  Again, write it down, your toddlers will be driving in local traffic in 15-years before they'll ever get to ride on or even see this whatever-it-might-be...

Another shocker: old bridges might not be totally safe here in Hawaii.  After the tragedy in Minneapolis last week, it is no wonder that we need to re-assess the infrastructure of our old and salt-air affected bridges.  While it has been suggested that our maintenance is pretty good, we know from the local dam issues that came up due to tragedy last year, forewarned is forearmed, even if it means more rigorous testing more often.

And finally, more and more products from China--food or not food, seem to be causing serious health concerns.  So what's a consumer to do?  How do you know where every component of every product comes from?  I don't know, but I'll sure check twice until standards are improved, rather than just Think About It.

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