UH Warrior Fans Gear Up for New Season

David Conner
David Conner
Pat Vanlent
Pat Vanlent
Russell Murakami
Russell Murakami
Aug 10, 2007 12:35 AM

(KHNL) - For die hards, any football is good football.  Even if it's sort of football.  The first Hawaii game is still 23 days away.  For some of you, that's not good enough.  Like these people.

They are the true die hards of Warrior football.  They come out, weeks early, just to watch their team practice.

"Just a UH fan, I followed it ever since I was a kid."

"It gets in your blood, you have to get out here and see what the young guys are doing, check out all the young guys and see what they're going to do this year."

But, at the risk of stealing an infamous live from basketball star Allen Iverson, we're talking practice.

"I don't have anything else to do right now, get some exercise, come out and watch practice."

"This is good I'm glad June makes practice open like this."

And its one thing to spend your day checking out practice.  But your vacation?  Just ask John Matthews of Tacoma, Washington.

"Yeah, that was pretty much one of the main things i wanted to do, everybody else got to do their thing so this my thing. Everyone's talking about Colt Brennan being a Heisman Trophy candidate so I wanted to come out and see him and the rest of the team too."

So ultimately when you're a Warrior fan, why ask why?

'I think we all have out reasons to come out, I'm just up the road I walk down here and I just enjoy it.

The UH opener against Northern Colorado coming up on September 1st.