Enter Your Keiki in the Healthy Baby Contest

Joni Marcello
Joni Marcello

(KHNL) - Are you the proud parent of a healthy baby? Consider entering your Keiki in the annual "Healthy Baby Contest." Joni Marcello of Meadow Gold Dairies talks to Paul Drewes about this event.

PAUL:  Now, this event has been an island tradition since 1953, tell us a little bit about this.

JONI:  Yes, it's been on since 1953.  We currently are searching in the past 54 winners because this is such an important contest to Meadow Gold because we do manufacture healthy products and we thought it's one way of us contributing back to the community, letting them know how important it is to maintain a healthy diet for your child from the time they're about one year old, when they first start drinking milk, cow's milk that is, and maintaining that healthy diet and how important it is to continue that throughout their childhood years and growing years.

PAUL: Now, we're talking about healthy babies so maybe it might help our viewers to know what are the criteria for a healthy baby?

JONI: Our criteria in search of Oahu's healthy baby is, they're judged in three criteria.  Which is health, appearance and personality on a scale of 1 to 50 and basically the child has to have energy, a lot of vitality which a lot of kids ages one and a half to two and a half years old are what we're looking for that has that and it's such a perfect contest for us to let parents know that we appreciate them bringing their little Keikis down to be part of our contest.

PAUL: And while you're looking for the healthy baby, there's not just one winner in this contest, is there?

JONI:  No, there's a total of five winners.  The five winners each get a prize and they range anywhere from, the first place winner gets $2500 U.S. Savings Bond all the way down to the fifth place of $500 so there's increments  going down and of course the child does receive immediate gratification, they do get a whole bunch of prizes, toys and other things that they can immediately play with but we also provide a goodie bag for every contestant that enters.

PAUL:  And when does the contest take place?

JONI:  The contest takes place on September 8th.  It's our first preliminary which is at Pearl Ridge Center Uptown .  Then our second preliminary is at Ala Moana Shopping Center which is September 15th and then from those two contests we select the top 50 and they go on to the final round at Ala Moana Shopping Center again on September 22nd.

PAUL:  I'm sure a lot of proud parents want to enter their kids and the registration, when's the deadline to sign up for this.

JONI:  The registration deadline is August 15th and they can register online on our website at lanimoo.com.  Or they can always call our offices for more information at 949-6161.

PAUL:  Alright well we like to thank you, Joni Marcello for joining us and talking about the healthy baby contest.