Back-to-School Business

Reimar Muniz
Reimar Muniz
Laurie Leong
Laurie Leong

(KHNL) - As the beat-the-school jam nears, parents and kids are gearing up for the first day of school.

And local businesses are also preparing for the mad rush back.

Retailers at Pearlridge Center find this time very valuable.

"For this particular week, it's pretty busy, considering it's a Wednesday," said Reimar Muniz, general manager of Razor.

The majority of customers are teens and young adults. Most are getting ready to head back to school.

"Business has been pretty steady, back to school is coming up and that's usually another wave we go through, with students going back to school, shopping," said Muniz.

As the first day of classes gets closer, foot traffic at some local stores, increases. Even in the most unlikely place.

"Normally, the back to school doesn't affect the cell phone industry, but for some reason, it has," said Laurie Leong, store manager of Mobi PCS. "I would say we've gotten about a 15% increase."

Managers say many parents are buying the "family plan." It could be because school is starting soon and parents want to make sure their kids have phones to keep in close contact with them.

Even though business is picking up now, once kids go back to school, retailers say, sales will decline, until Christmas.