Drivers Urged to Use Caution on Dangerous Road

Rider Leong
Rider Leong

KALIHI (KHNL)- It's surprising it doesn't happen more often. That comes from drivers on Sand Island Access Road.

According to witnesses, a small school bus clipped a car and flipped it upside down. Paramedics say the couple and their baby traveling inside the vehicle were not seriously hurt. Traffic was backed up for 45-minutes while rescue personnel cleaned up the mess, and moved the car out of the way.

Drivers say there's a lot going on here and that's why this is so dangerous.

but since many people know about the hazards of driving here, they're encouraged to be extra careful and courteous.

Traffic whizzes by on Sand Island Access Road. And drivers know it's dangerous.

"The cars, they speed over here. by the time the trucks come out of there, smash," said Rider Leong.

Because of the industrial area down the road, traffic on this long stretch of road is a mix of cars, big trucks, and even pedestrians and bicyclists. That makes it especially tough.

"Yeah it's really dangerous, especially for pedestrians," said Marlena Torres. "And the trucks, they drive really fast."

"It's like a lot of people that work in the industrial part don't have a lot of crossing ways," said Don Lewenski. "So I see groups of 5, 10, 15, crossing over and a lot of times. I will stop, but sometimes people don't stop."

Also, there are a lot of cars coming off the freeway, so they're going faster than the speed limit. It's 35-miles an hour on Nimitz Highway, and 25-miles an hour on Sand Island.

"Coming off the freeway, even coming down this road," said Torres.

"The traffic situation is what it is, everybody's trying to get where they need to go," said Lewenski.

But hopefully, they can do that without anyone getting hurt.

The Department of Transportation reports no formal complaints about this road, but again encourages great care and caution.