International Sport of Cricket is Played at Keehi Lagoon

Theresa Malufau
Theresa Malufau

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Cricket is very popular around the world. Players from America Samoa, now living in Hawaii field dozens of teams.

The pitcher lets one rip. It looks like bowling, and it's a strike.

Pitcher Theresa Malufau explains, "Just like softball, just like rolling it, it's different it's hard."

If they get a hit they don't run the bases, just swap places with the other batter.

"Good times, good. Love this sport, love this game, been playing it a long time," says Malufau.

It's like baseball. Batters swing wooden sticks. The rubber ball is smaller and bounces a lot more.

They wear uniforms, shoes are optional. The team in blue is behind. the team wearing green has 50 points and not many outs. These cricket matches are part of flag day festivities marking when the first American flag was raised on Samoan soil.

Team Leader Samalaulu Tuia adds, "We have cricket games. It is a traditional Samoan game when they grew up it's cricket. "

It's not all about winning according to Malufau, "Especially we are all family, nobody friends, we are all family, everybody is related, even the other team we are all related."

Only the women play, they say the men are at work. Players invite anyone to watch.

Malufau sums it up, "It is fun, we wish people would come out and really get to know how this game is. Really fun."

The flag day festivities continue through Friday and there's much more than cricket. You can shop for authentic crafts and sample Samoan food at many booths set up at Keehi Lagoon Park.