Coast Guard Officer Accused of Polluting Hawaiian Waters

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- They're considered guardians of the sea. But now, one member of the US Coast Guard is accused of polluting Hawaiian waters.

Chief Warrant Officer David Williams was assigned to the Coast Guard cutter Rush, which is moored in Honolulu Harbor. He's suspected of ordering the dumping of oil and other waste into those waters.

He's charged with obstruction of justice and providing false statements for allegedly lying to federal investigators about the discharges.

"Within a four to five hour period, approximately 2,000 gallons of pollutants were dumped into the Honolulu Harbor from the Rush," Ed Kubo, US Attorney, said.

"This was action that was not in conformance with our core values or with the mission that we undertake as stewards of the marine environment," Rear Adm. Sally Brice-O'Hara, US Coast Guard, said.

The Coast Guard says Williams is no longer assigned to the cutter.

Federal authorities say the investigation continues.