New Shriners Hospital for Children in Hawaii

PUNAHOU (KHNL)- With much fanfare they unveil plans for the new Shriners Hospital for Children.

Shriner's Chief Executive Officer Ralph Semb explains, "What we are saying to everybody in Honolulu is let's look at Shriners Hospital as really a relief to those who can't afford to take this expert care that we have. Bring them to us and we'll take care of their orthopedic problems, we are here to help them all."

Young patients, many with crutches and recovering from surgery, have a front row seat.

80 percent are from Hawaii, the rest from Pacific Islands.

And you many be surprised, who the Shriners have helped since they opened up a clinic in 1922 on Oahu.

For Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye it's personal, "I owe a lot to this hospital because 71 years ago they fixed my fractured elbow, it was a compound fracture and as a result I got in the service."

Dignitaries break ground on the construction project.

Governor Linda Lingle adds, "This is an extremely generous contribution to the children and families of Hawaii because the Shriners are going to bring into the state more than 50 million dollars for this facility."

Next they make lasting impression in concrete blocks. A model of the futuristic hospital is on display.

This computerized animation shows the new structure is modern yet captures the island spirit.

The new hospital at the old Punohou street location should open in under two years.