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August 6, 2007

Dreaded Locks?

It's great that the UH football team has its first ever pre-season top 25 ranking, but apparently what's got a lot of people chatting these days are the dreadlocks emanating from atop star quarterback Colt Brennan's head.  There's an old saying about "don't judge a book by its cover," but of course, lots of people walk into a bookstore and do just that--look at book covers to make choices.

But when it comes to people, let's chalk this one up to youthful exuberance, to team bonding, to a shared moment--all things that make college some of the best years of some of our lives.  I used to wear a hockey beanie to flatten out my hair in college, because I thought that looked cool.

Of course, I had hair to worry about back then.  Hair, earring, skull cap, tattoo, doo rag--who cares.

We need to worry less in life about looks and start to look deeper, whether it's our college quarterback or our potential presidential candidates.  Good grief folks, it's 2007; can we stop making assumptions and stop stereotyping--that's so 1950-ish.  On the local front, who cares what school you went to--there, I've said it.  Are you a good guy?  Do you do the job?  Are you a quality human?  They don't make stereotype pictures for those attributes.  So Colt---throw for a million yards, have fun, do it up, and shine on with those nifty, natty dreads.  More power to ya!  Think About It. 

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