Colt's Cornrow

Colt Brennan
Colt Brennan
Hercules Satele
Hercules Satele
Aug 6, 2007 07:42 PM

MANOA (KHNL)- As the countdown to the 2007 Warrior Football season draws ever closer, a lot is expected not only of this year's Warrior team, but also of Quarterback Colt Brennan.

Fall practices continued today on the UH campus.

Where for Colt, it's not about the hype, its about the hair.

If you happen to be a college football player and a Heisman trophy candidate, the pressure on you, can be brutal.

That's the case for Brennan.

But he's got a way to lock out the pressure, by donning dead locks.

"This was just one of those opportunities where I can let everybody know I'm not getting all caught up in the hype. I still got no problem humiliating myself so my teammates wanted me to have fun and I let them have fun with myself."

The dread look has been in vogue for football Warriors the past couple of seasons.

It's just Colt trying to be one of the guys.

"He's in that own little world of his own right now. He wants to be part of the long hair crew, so he's trying to be right now."

"He's like a wanna-be rasta farian, Bob Marley, just laid back and island boy and all that in one so it fits him to the tee."

"I got bullied into it by my teammates that's all I'm going to say."

Which begs the question, How long will those dreads stay on.

"Not very long."

"Actually I like it, I like the wild look as you can see, we just need to touch it up a bit and hopefully he'll keep it but I doubt it though."

"It hurts when I put my helmet on, and at first the enthusiasm was there from my teammates but know they're kind of used to it and over it so its about time to cut it off pretty soon."

The Warrior football season begins on September 1st, against Northern Colorado.