Madame Pele's Spectacular Show

KILAUEA (KHNL) - Even for those who make their living watching and documenting the daily activities of Kilauea volcano, what's happening in the park now, is nothing short of amazing.

"I have to say this is pretty cool" says Jim Kauahikaua, a scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey.

Ever since a new fissure first broke out on July 21st ,  giant ponds of lava  have developed.

And as they overflow their banks, huge channels, or rivers of lava are formed. The largest flows more than two miles downslope.

Kauahikaua says while there's no predicting what Kilauea will next, it's hasn't been completely unpredictable.

"It's certainly kept us on our toes. so far it's exhibiting a number of behaviors we've seen over the past 25 years or erupting. So we're not

into completely new behavior, but variances of these perhaps".

And like the throngs of visitors who flock to the big isle to witness the ongoing event, Kauahikaua, and other scientists on the ground marvel at what they are witnessing.

"it's exciting to watch the daily development, but it's work to bring it to the public and media. it's difficult to separate the work from the pleasure, but there's definitely a lot of oohing and aawing going on around here".