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State to Repair Broken Elevators

Ed Tomczak Ed Tomczak

By Beth Hillyer

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Residents stranded by broken elevators in several Oahu high rises run by the state complain their elevators have been down for months.

The problem for many living in these high rises is that the elevators are as old as the buildings. Parts are hard to find and repairs take weeks.

Seniors wait patiently for the only working elevator to arrive. Resident Ed Tomczak explains, "Usually either one or the other elevator is not working. Now one has been out of service for three months."

They complain as soon as one elevator is fixed, the other one breaks down. Everybody pours out of the only elevator that works. wheel chairs and all.

"I live on the fourth floor and I can walk but people on the upper stories, senior citizens with canes cannot walk up 12-17 flights of steps, " says Tomczak.

Sometimes they break trapping people inside. Tomczak concludes, "One day there were people stuck in the elevator they pushed the stop button and one of the seniors, an elderly lady had to walk down 12 flights of stairs. "

State housing officials are aware of the problems and hired a new elevator repair company to get the elevators working again.

Resident Sherry Lobby tells us, "The elevator in 1541 Kalakaua which is senior and disabled housing has been out for years and years and years. Now Linda Lingle said she would release the funds for the elevators that's what we are hoping for."

A line forms in the lobby of Kuhio Park Terrace. Four of the six elevators are broken. They line up for the freight elevator. But they run the risk of getting stuck. It's broken down three days in a row, trapping people inside twice.

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