Oh, That's Why They Call It Dope

A few mixed messages...  A recent study suggests that constant marijuana usage increases the odds of becoming psychotic.  What a shock.  I know the old adage--"why do you think they call it dope."  But seriously, are we still at a point where we wonder about the long-term effects of abusing hallucinogens or even alcohol?  Exercise can be recreational, folks, but not drug use.  So while people love to joke about or indulge in Maui Wowie, Kona Gold, or other variations of pakalolo, let's remember that there are some real consequences, space ranger.  Yes, it's not a free trip...  Pardon the pun.

With school starting up again, you can expect more delays in traffic.  Maybe that would be a good time to touch base with your kids about schoolwork, classes, books to read--you know--some intellectually stimulating conversation to show that you really do care and really are interested.  Anyway, it beats watching the guy in the car next to you pick his nose for 20-minutes...

And here's a thought for you water bottle boosters.  Re-fill 'um.  Stop buying more plastic bottles with upgraded tap water.  Clean them out overnight, and re-fill them.  We all survived for years on pretty darn good tap water.  You don't need to recycle if you don't keep getting needless new bottles.  Drink up, and Think About It