Elevators Broken at Kuhio Park Terrace

Masau Moses
Masau Moses

KALIHI (KHNL) - Residents of one of Oahu's largest state-run housing projects are hoping for a "lift" after being without working passenger elevators for months.

This story was called into our talk story line. A viewer's mom lives here at Kuhio Park Terrace. He's worried because hundreds live in these high rise buildings but only two fright elevators work.

Two towers, each 16 stories high. All passenger elevators stuck. Only two freight elevators to carry all these people.

Residents wait in the lobby. Many have shopping bags and small children. Too much to carry up the stairs.

Milly Phillips lives on the 9th floor, "I cannot walk up the 9th floor if the elevator broken, can not walk."

Masau Moses lives on the 14th floor. He says he has to wait a long time for the freight elevator, "The elevator in building A, sometimes it's very slow."

Residents say the four elevators at Kuhio Park Terrace, known as KPT. have been down for months. Moses explains, "When I pau work, I wait. Sometimes it goes up and stays as long as 30 minutes, half hour also messy, not clean. "

The residents say they have no idea why repairs are taking so long.

"Yeah I want it fixed. Because it's too hard to walk."

We are trying to contact the State Department of Human Services regarding the elevator concerns.