Charges in Limbo for Pawn Shop Owner Arrested in Undercover Sting

ALA MOANA (KHNL) - A pawn shop owner arrested during a police raid Friday night was released from custody Saturday. Honolulu police say he had to go to the hospital for a medical condition.

Detectives were aiming to press charges Saturday. They say they must now wait, but will plan on seeking charges in the future.

The suspect's arrest is the culmination of a three-month undercover investigation.

Police won't release the identity of the suspect but will say the man is the owner of Holo Holo Pawn Shop located on Kalakaua Avenue.

Friday night around 8, a number of agencies including the Waikiki Crime Reduction Unit busted the store and took the pawn shop owner into custody.

Investigators say he's suspected of using his store as a place to buy and sell stolen goods.

"If there's somebody coming in to pawn their item, they must provide a valid type of ID and there must be a pawn slip or documentation for every transaction," says Detective Clement Enoka.

Enoka says the suspect did not follow those rules, but would not elaborate.

He does say some criminals use pawn shops that buy stolen goods to get quick cash to support their drug habit or criminal activity.

Holo Holo Pawn Shop has been open for about a year, but investigators say the owner has been busted for similar crimes in the past.