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Hugging the Surf

Torey Thomas Torey Thomas
Leila Thomas Leila Thomas

By Reid Shimizu

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - According to 15-year old Leila Thomas, there are the three big 'S's'. Sun, surf and smiles.

For the past four years with the help of her brother Torey, they've brought the surf and smiles to some special hawaii keiki.

"My family has always been into community service," Leila said, "My brother and i love to surf so we thought it would be a good idea to start Surf 4 HUGS."

Since 1982, the HUGS organization, has given support to hawaii families with sick children.

Through the aid of the organization, the 4th annual Surf-4-HUGS event has swelled like a giant wave.

"Its doubled in size over the past four years," said 17-year old Torey Thomas, "Some of (kids) they're loving it you can see all the smiles going around, first time surfing its amazing."

For many of the kids, its a literal crash course in surfing.

"Just after seeing the kids get their first wave," Leila said, "Watch their faces and they always have these great smiles on their faces that's rewarding."

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