Truckers Remember Israel Kamakawiwoole Ten Years Later

Kenneth Dutro
Kenneth Dutro
Robert Naparan
Robert Naparan

WAIANAE (KHNL) It has been ten years since the passing of popular island performer Israel Kamakawiwoole. He was a known for his music, passion and inspiration. Today truckers hit the road to remember, once again why he was special.

In 1997 the ashes of the late Israel Kamakawiwoole were spread out at Makua Bay in Waianae. Today it was a memorial like no other as truckers returned to the place where the legend was born.

A convoy of more than one-hundred big rigs make their way to the Waianae coast in commemoration of legendary hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwwole.

"This is where he grew up and this is where he had his fun times this is where he started his music career," said trucker Kenneth Dutro.

As they truck down farrington highway, these semi's symbolize much of what Israel represented.

"Ttrucks is big trucks Iz is big and everything this is in this life. You cannot get rid of him, he's always going to be here, you know Iz, even though he's gone he's always going to be here, and trucks are always going to be here for move mountains," said trucker Robert Naparan.

This convoy brings back memories for some of today's truckers.

"I rode in the convoy ten years ago when iz passed away, since then i've kept him in my heart and i enjoy his music, he's someone we'll never forget," said Dutro.

They're a tight group and one mans music brings them all together.

"This is all about the truckers and stuff and israel and yes i would like to come back again and do this all over again," said Naparan.

For many truckers, it was a privilege to ride in today's convoy in memory of Bruddah Iz, a powerful person in his heart, his mind and his music.

Todays convoy was organized by the Waimanalo construction coalition which put together the first convoy ten years ago. Mayor Mufi Hanneman was at the opening ceremony at Keehi Lagoon presenting a proclamation in honor of Bruddah Iz.