Undercover Police Raid Pawn Shop And Arrest One

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - A three-month long investigation went down Friday night in Waikiki as undercover officers busted a pawn shop and arrested the owner.

Honolulu police issued the search warrant around 8:00 pm at the Holo Holo Pawn Shop located at 1705 Kalakaua Avenue.

Detectives did not release the identity of the owner at the time of the raid but said the suspect does have a criminal history.

Police say the pawn shop is a suspected hub for criminals to sell stolen goods.

"In our opinion, as law enforcement, this is a rather large conduit for a lot of the property crime, for criminals to come over here and filter all their stolen stuff to this shop, but that's the alleged crime right now. We're still ongoing with the investigation," says Detective Clement Enoka.

Detectives say in theory, criminals use pawn shops that glaze over stolen goods to get quick cash to support their drug habit or other criminal activity.

Undercover officers say street intelligence tipped them about the owner. They say the stolen goods ranged from jewelry to electronics.

Police say no other arrests related to this raid are in store.