Elevator Repairs for Waikiki Condo Expected to Take Three Weeks

Sharon Kokobun
Sharon Kokobun
Greg Zellner
Greg Zellner

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - There is some light at the end of the tunnel. Or in this case --the shaft. That's what residents at a Waikiki condo feel, after dealing with broken elevators for about five months now.

We first told you about their plight three weeks ago.

Residents say the repair company expects to have one of two elevators fully working in about three weeks. Condo residents are making due with one partially working one, but everyone is frustrated and tired.

Security guards at the Canal House condo are now doubling as bellmen too. 24-hours a day, seven days a week. They're on call, to pick up and drop off residents, because one elevator needs to be operated manually, and the other is broken.

"We're in this manual operation, which is a little difficult and it's problematic, and everybody has little or no patience," said resident manager Greg Zellner.

That's because this has been a problem since March. Hawaii Vertical Transportation is the company contracted by the condo to fix the elevators. Residents say HVT tells them they're dealing with a lack of parts, and workers.

"Everybody can understand that, but everybody's really frustrated at this point," said resident Sharon Kokobun. "They're just trying to ease the situation as best we can right now."

The best for now is the cellphone system.

"They have a cell phone, that cellphone is called by whoever needs a elevator, they pick it up and come and get em," said Zellner.

But he says the system isn't perfect, because not everyone has a cellphone, and now the one operating elevator is also breaking down because of overuse.

Of course, there's always the stairs. The building has 144 units, and 25 floors.

"Walking down is a lot easier than walking up, but still, it's hard on a lot of people," said Kokobun.

And it'll continue to be, until these elevators are fixed.

The resident manager says several companies have offered to help, but he says they can't because HVT is under contract with Canal House.

HVT did not return our calls for comment.