Late Night Talk Gets Local Courtesy Andy Bumatai

Andy Bumatai
Andy Bumatai
Jim Bryan
Jim Bryan

(KHNL) - Move over Leno. Here comes Andy Bumatai.

Hawaii's very own stand-up comedian is launching his own late night talk show.

Coming from the Honolulu Design Center, "Nighttime with Andy Bumatai," promises to bring the laughs.

Lewis Communications, transformed part of the furniture store into a set.

Andy says their goal is to be shoulder-to-shoulder with the big time late night talk shows, "I know Jay personally, so I'm not gonna get mad at Jay. I'm not after you baby!"

Andy says his show isn't so much about him.

the point behind the project is to provide Hawaii with a night time platform to promote local talent and hollywood celebrities.

Three shows were taped Thursday evening, they're half an hour each.

"Nighttime with Andy Bumatai" premieres monday on our sister station K-5, right after K-5 news at Nine.