Oahu Government Workers Encouraged to Switch to Flexible Schedules

Barbara Marshall
Barbara Marshall

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A plan to ease traffic congestion could mean changes to your schedule if you work for the City and County of Honolulu or the State of Hawaii.

Most nights on the H1 freeway, drivers move slowly, sometimes not at all during gridlock.. But what if many of those folks out on the freeways had more flexible hours?

At 7:45 each morning cashiers open for business at Honolulu Hale. To get here on time workers battle rush hour traffic.

Honolulu City Council Chairwoman Marshall says, "We have to do something about traffic congestion."

Thousands of Oahu government employees are on the same schedule. In at 7:45 out at 4:30. This is what happens when they all arrive together and leave at the same time.

Council Chairwoman Barbara Marshall insists, "I feel we need to make every effort we can to get someone of these cars off the road at peak hours."

Nearly half of the city's workforce have staggered schedules. Most government workers are offered flexible schedules but employees dealing with customers must follow official office hours. Honolulu City Council members passed a resolution urging city and state workers to stagger their work schedules.

Council Chairwoman Marshall envisions, "We could also conceivably expand the hours of some departments which would be great for the public as well."

Some have tried and failed. Grounds keepers who maintain the University of Hawaii tried a flexible schedule years ago. They started work at ten . But students complained they couldn't study due to the noise of weedwhackers and saws.

The University of Hawaii maintenance workers now start before six am in order to keep noise to a minimum for the students. But they are off early they go home around 2 and that helps ease this evening commute.