Hawaii Military Wives Conserve Water

Lea Garner
Lea Garner

(KHNL) - A group called "Hawaii Military Wives" is doing its part to help conserve water with a good portion of the state on "Drought Watch."

It's 89 degrees, one o'clock in the afternoon and sprinklers are not what you should be hearing.

"The worst times to water during the day would be 10am to 5pm, that's the hottest part of the day," said Lea Garner of Hawaii Military Wives.

During those times you still find schools, residential communities and parks with sprinklers pumping out water on fields and sometimes concrete. Hawaii-military-wives feels it's wasteful and it serves no purpose.

"Watering during the heat of the day isn't the smartest thing 65 percent of the water is actually evaporated before it can be absorbed by the ground," said Garner.

The group believes most people don't intentionally try to waste water. But more needs to be done. The group is monitoring the island for those watering during peak heat hours.

"We've asked all of our members to start to compile a list of locations and the exact times.  Just take a moment to realize that all these places are kind of doing the same thing and it's overwhelming, all the water that's being wasted," said Garner.

Hawaii Military Wives plans to contact those responsible for scheduling watering times at parks and schools. They're hoping everyone will remember the importance of conserving water.

"Especially here on an island we're surrounded by salt water and it takes a lot of energy to make clean water and we're wasting that," said Garner.