Unusual Influx of Jelly Fish in the Ala Wai Canal

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - Paddlers and some Waikiki residents who live along the Ala Wai canal are reporting unusual jellyfish infestations in the canal. Neighbors who live along the Ala Wai say they were alarmed last week when they noticed a sea of jelly fish covering this waterway.

The Ala Wai Canal looks calm but paddlers say the water is packed with large jelly fish. A surprising influx of the creatures has many watermen and women wondering what is going on.

We didn't see the huge influx that lots of people are describing but we got video of them.

Last month when a truck went into the canal and good samaritans dove in, they suffered horrible stings by these creatures.

Canoe Club members say they wade through these waters with their paddles, pushing away huge jellyfish.

Paddler Gene Kaneapua explains, "You just hang around the Ala Wai, it's very unusual but there's more than ever."

Jim Silva an Ala Wai Harbor vendor adds, "You turn around and there's a whole gang of them again."

Following a posting of an Ala Wai Jellyfish on You Tube, many around the world are wondering about this jelllyfish video. The odd thing about this creature is it's blue spotted colors.

A University of Hawaii scientist who studies jellyfish says this creature is not rare. but it does live in deep water and must have gotten disturbed and that's why it's floating up on the surface.

The scientists adds, the giant jellyfish involved in this influx are believed to be moon jelleyfish and there may be lots more because they breed in the warm weather.