Big Bucks For Kapolei

David Rae
David Rae
Mufi Hannemann
Mufi Hannemann

KAPOLEI (KHNL) - The state's fastest growing region is getting another huge boost.

More than 170 million dollars will be used to fund new roads, sewers and waterlines in Kapolei, and taxpayers aren't paying for a single penny of it.

Tabbed as oahu's "second city", Kapolei and the surrounding areas have emerged as a booming economic center in the 50th state.

More than 800 businesses are providing more than 25 thousand jobs. But they're also responsible for a growing traffic problem.

Now Kapolei Property Development, a James Campbell company, is stepping in.

"We recognize that has meant some growing pains and we recognize the infrastructure has not kept up with that growth" says company Vice president David Rae.

The plan now is stay a step ahead of that rapid growth. Something Kapolei Property Development pledges to do with a 172 million dollar initiative.

A master plan that addresses the needs of Kapolei today, and well into the future.

"This is the largest private sector funded public infrastructure initiative in the history of the state" said Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann.

The bulk of the money is going toward new roads the rest for sewer, water and drainage.

The city is also getting a donation of 5 acres of land for a transit facility. It will become the centerpeice an integrated bus, and transit facility for the city of Kapolei and the West side of Oahu.

For residents who have dealt with the good and the bad sides of Kapolei's rapid development, the announcement comes as great news.

"I think roads definitely need to be widened and if they're going to be building 460 new houses up here that they're suggesting, i can't even imagine what the traffic is going to be like after they move in" said Kapolei resident Melissa Fitzwater.

"I think any improvement with the road situation is going to be good".