Building Between a Rock and a Noisy Place In Hawaii Kai

Jim Schmit
Jim Schmit

(KHNL) - With Hawaii's climbing home prices, and lack of open spaces, some builders are getting creative when it comes to finding that ideal lot.

In Hawaii Kia, some saw a thin stretch of land between a busy road as no place for million dollar homes.

But one architect saw the possibility of building houses like no other on the island.

Along Hawaii Kai Drive you'll find two very modern warehouse like buildings.

The architect who designed them is a modernist, "This was a unique opportunity to build a different kind of project. Nine homes with a modern approach," says Jim Schmit.

Inside one of the two homes already completed you can see how things have come together; blending a mix of modern materials and island inspired centered courtyard and the loft concept.

But these different looking buildings also came with different challenges than usual.

"These lots had no water, sewer and we had to put them all in," Jim Schmit.

That means busy Hawaii Kai Drive had to be torn up, but now that the infrastructure is in place the road will be fixed.

These homes connect the inside with the outside but now the challenge will be connecting buyers with these 4000 square foot homes.

Each sell for 1.5 million dollars.

But the man who turned a barren stretch of road into a more modern setting says his dream homes are already attracting attention across the islands.

"I'm getting calls from people in other spots that want this environment," says Jim Schmit.

The Hawaii Kai road paving is expected to be done by the end of august and construction of the homes at the bali loft subdivision is expected to be done by 2009.