Kailua Man Awaiting Trial Suspected of New Crime

Nathan Yoshioka
Nathan Yoshioka
Chizuko Hiramoto
Chizuko Hiramoto

WINDWARD OAHU (KHNL) -- He's already awaiting trial on multiple felony charges. But police say that hasn't stopped a Kailua man. Now, he's accused of breaking into a golf shop and trying to steal thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

The front window at the Pro-Am Golf Shop located at the Pali Golf Course is shattered.

"Oh wow. What happened here?" Chizuko Hiramoto, golfer, said.

Police responding to an early-morning alarm call say they found the glass shattered and the burglar still inside. The store's owner says the suspect placed about $10,000 worth of goods in some bags to take with him.

"He had put some putters and some drivers and some good equipment like Callaway Taylor Made and Titleist and that kind of stuff," Nathan Yoshioka, store owner, said.

But he struggled to get out in time.

"He was trying to get too greedy," Hiramoto said laughing. "If he took only a little, he could have gone out from the front over here."

Officers arrested 43-year-old Roger Fernandez. Police say he's been free on bail while awaiting two separate trials on credit card theft, identity theft, drug and other charges.

"If they're chronic drug people or users or burglars, they should be put away," Yoshioka said. "And I think we're too lenient right now."

Yoshioka says this is the fifth time the store's been broken into. He says criminals are making a big impact on businesses.

"We have to fix the place. It costs us some money. Insurance goes up. We lose the merchandise," he said. "It's not good for the businesses."

Fernandez is locked up at the main police cellblock. He has not yet been charged with Tuesday morning's burglary.