Salt Lake Barricade Situation Ends Peacefully

SALT LAKE (KHNL) -- A man barricades himself inside a Salt Lake home, triggering a police response that snarls mid-day traffic.

Police went to the house on Salt Lake Boulevard at about 10 Tuesday morning to talk to the suspect about a domestic violence case. They say he refused to come out, indicated he had a weapon, and threatened to burn the house down.

Twenty-seven-year-old Jerome Kealoha surrendered shortly after the SWAT team arrived.

"We did have to evacuate residents. The American Red Cross was on their way," Maj. Kurt Kendro, Honolulu Police Department, said. "But thankfully, he gave himself up voluntarily before he really impacted the neighborhood."

Kealoha's mother was hysterical as officers converged on her son.

Police say the suspect has eight prior convictions.