Teenage Murder Suspect Faces More Charges

Kevin Callahan
Kevin Callahan
Malanie McClellan
Malanie McClellan

(KHNL) - The woman she called "mom" was brutally murdered.

And now the teenage suspect accused of killing an Ewa Beach woman faces more severe charges.

Police originally arrested the 15-year-old for second degree murder. On Monday, that changed.

Officers re-arrested the teen on additional offenses, which now include first degree murder and first degree sexual assault.

51-year-old Karen Ertell was found strangled to death in her Ewa Beach home this past May.

Her daughter, Malanie McClellan, says she's happy prosecutors believe they have what they need to charge the suspect with the more serious offenses.

But the boyfriend Ertell left behind is definitely not happy that one of those possible offenses is rape.

"It's a boyfriends worse nightmare to have to hear that. "

Kevin Callahan is talking about a phone call he received.

The one, that investigators told him, his girlfriend, Karen Ertell was raped before being murdered.

"the hardest part for me is having to constantly replay in my head, what this guy did to Karen and what awful horror and terror she must have gone through," he said.

Callahan wants the 15 year old boy arrested in the case, to be tried as an adult.

"That person is extremely dangerous and doesn't belong on the streets" Callahan told KHNL News 8.

The victim's daughter agrees.

"I just don't understand how someone could do that to another person. I mean my mother was brutally raped and murdered," said Ertell's daughter, Malanie McClellan.

Malanie just gave birth to Karen's Grandson, Jack, six weeks ago.

She says her mother was looking to forward to his arrival.

"I would just tell her, how he has a wonderful guardian angel and I'd just ask her to watch over him because his life is scarred by this," McClellan said through tears. "He's really just a baby and one day when he's adult I'll have to explain to him how his grandmother was brutally raped and murdered just weeks before he was born."

The 15-year-old suspect was Ertell's neighbor.

Prosecutors have said they will seek to have him tried as an adult.