Make-A-Wish and Hula Healing

Shalei Campbell
Shalei Campbell
Debra Post
Debra Post

(KHNL) - It doesn't sound that unusual, a trip to the islands, a chance to swim with dolphins, play in the ocean and learn a little hula.

But for one special visitor, this is a trip of a lifetime.

6 year old Julianne Post is from Arkansas but fits right in with this hula halau in Kailua.

"She loves dancing and she loves music" says Julianne's mom, Debra.

Practicing with this group of girls is more than a treat for this visitor, its a wish come true.

This young girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor the week before Christmas. And spent the next few months fighting for her life. That robbed her of a chance to dance, but not her spirit. "She's always spunky and got a spring in her step, even when she had brain surgery she never complained. She never complained when she had radiation." adds her mom.

But this young girl admits the past year has been hard.

So when she was offered a chance to travel thru the Make-A-Wish Foundation, she wanted to come to Hawaii and leave the problems of the past year behind.

Cousins and Aunties have shown her the islands, and shown her hula moves.

"She did awesome, I actually thought she had danced hula before and they said she is a dancer but not hula. This is her very first time dancing hula." says Kumu Hula, Shalei Campbell.

But this is more than just a dance, Julianne has been welcomed into this ohana, and shown the true spirit of aloha. "Everybody has been wonderful and welcoming. There's a loving spirit in Hawaii for sure."

And you can see the joy it has brought Julianne, by the look on her face as she performs this newly learned hula. She dances for her family, and even more importantly, for herself.

Julianne and her family will end their week in Hawaii on Wednesday, and then its back to the mainland and back to follow up checkups with doctors to make sure her health holds.