Family Separated and Homeless After Stairs Collapse

Charlene Padayao
Charlene Padayao

KALIHI (KHNL) - A Kalihi family trapped inside their second floor apartment when part of it collapsed last Wednesday, is now homeless.

This family is now living on the edge, day-to day.

When we went by to check things out Charlene Padayao was standing outside her apartment feeding her pet cat. Her stuff is all trapped inside, her family split up, she is living in a video store.

Last Wednesday the stairs leading here collapsed. She and her grandson were trapped inside.

Firefighters used a ladder to rescue her and the family pets.

She had to leave the cat behind because there's no where to take it.

Charlene Padayao talks about her situation, "Right now I'm homeless because I don't have a place to live right now."

She sleeps on the floor of a Kalihi video store, "Since the collapse I've been back and forth to videorama no place else to go "

She escaped with just the clothes on her back. Everything else is still inside. "My stairs collapse, broken so I can't go upstairs all my things up there"

It's been five days since her world collapsed along with the staircase.

She says her landlord is paying for her neighbors to stay in a hotel but refuses to help her.

"No I'm sorry she didn't help when I asked her. She said I don't know, you are on you own."

Lawyers say a landlord must house a tenant if their structure is not livable.

The landlord says she got a court-ordered eviction so she could fix the stairs.

And they missed two rent payments.

Padayoa says she paid this month and has a receipt, but like everything else, it's trapped upstairs.

"I would like a place to live if I could, " concludes Padayao.