Friends, Family Remember a Kihei Teenager on the Anniversary of His Death

Thor Atland
Thor Atland
Fatima Negrom
Fatima Negrom

KIHEI, Maui (KHNL) -- Hundreds of people gathered on Maui Sunday for a memorial concert to honor a Kihei teenager who died a year ago.

Police haven't arrested anyone in connection with 18-year-old Yesuah Boestler's death. A year ago, he was found at the base of a lighthouse in Haiku with serious head injuries. He died a few days later.

To this day, it's a complete mystery.

Yesuah Boestler lived for punk rock music, and this is how his band mates, family and friends choose to honor him.

"He was a great guy," said Thor Altland, the victim's friend and former band member. "One of my best friends. The kind of guy anybody could like."

The 18-year-old was found at the Pauweli lighthouse in Haiku, Maui, with fatal head injuries. That's why those who knew him -- some sporting Yesuah tattoos -- put on this benefit concert: to try and get people who know what happened to speak up.

"Get out there, for Yesh's sake," said Altland. "I mean, there's not a lot we can do if we don't have any proof. So, that's all we're running on right now."

Behind this concert is Yesuah's mother, a rocker herself.

"And if we let this go, then there's going to be a lot more violence on our islands," said Fatima Negron.

She doesn't believe her son was intentionally murdered. She thinks it was an accident.

"I believe that there was a fight, that he was dragged, his jacket got caught onto the door, fell backward, and then got hit by a truck," said Negron.

"So fly, baby, fly, fly, fly to heaven," Negron sang a song dedicated to her son. "Sweet, sweet, sweet heaven."

On this afternoon, a mother sings to remember, to heal and to seek justice.

"He's flying to heaven, everybody," said Negron at the end of her song to the audience's applause.

The Maui Police Department said it has interviewed more than a hundred people, but so far, no solid leads or suspects. The case remains open, and detectives plan to follow up on any new leads.