Anyone for Tennis?

The tennis center at Central O'ahu Regional Park continues to be a costly venture, long after everything should have been finalized.  The lovely soccer fields at Waipio are beginning to show signs of wear and tear with weeds, brown patches, and cracks.  And of course, the restroom facilities, and lack thereof, remains a joke.  It's almost torture to expect seven-year olds at the far Waipio fields to "hold it in," while mommy has to rush for the car to drag junior all the way back to the one main restroom.  Come on folks, fix it.

There is an old saying that "men plan and god laughs."  Well, the big guy or gal must sure be getting a chuckle out of the wonderful park facilities that seemed so great in concept, but yet continue to have issues because facets were simply not well thought out when planned.  The current city administration seems to be working to retro-fit because the past administration simply didn't do it's homework.  Rusting net posts, poorly constructed, small benches, and shower trees dumping debris onto the courts--this sounds like a Homer Simpson plan.  D'oh!

We need even more open areas and well constructed sites for our youth and adults to play at. We need more open venues and open conversation to ensure that future projects at beaches and parks have all of the angles covered before they are opened to the masses.  Whether it's tennis balls, soccer balls, volleyballs, or bocce balls, we need to make sure smart people do the right thing so that these costly blunders don't become the norm and mar the good intentions. Think About It.