Back-To-School Traffic Jam

HONOLULU (KHNL) - No more sleeping in, no more staying out late. Starting Monday, it's back to school for many students, which means drivers may also have to wake up a little earlier.

Puuhale Elementary in Kalihi is one of several public schools opening Monday. Other schools open on Tuesday and Wednesday. That means it's the start of the annual Back-To-School Jam.

The rush is on, with kids jamming at the last minute to prep for the first day of class.

"Not too excited about it," says incoming sophomore Adam Meredith.

Its back-to-school week for students.

"I'll be able to see my baby cousin, my friends my family," says Pope Elementary student, Costas Rodrigues.

But for commuters, it's back to traffic jams.

The Department of Education says about 180,000 students will be out and about. For now, school leaders say drivers will only see pockets of traffic in neighborhoods that surround schools.

"But when you get the private schools and the universities, that's when people are commuting long distances and you can expect to see more cars on the road," says Greg Knudsen, spokesperson for the Department of Education.

With more kids on the streets, drivers are advised to leave a little earlier for work, and allow more time for the commute to keep rush hour less stressful, as students rush for school.

The heaviest back-to-school traffic is in a few weeks. That's when more than 20,000 University of Hawaii at Manoa students head back to class.