Giving Soldiers a Place to Rest Their Weary Heads

A pair of Hawaii women are making sure soldiers stationed in the Islands, returning from Iraq will sleep easier, knowing their sacrifices are remembered.

The sound of sewing is the sound of support by spouses of soldiers. "Its given us something to do and made the time go by quicker until our husbands return." says Kimm Geise, the wife of an Army soldier stationed at Schofield Barracks.

These wives are not only sewing for their husbands but also for single soldiers serving alongside in the middle east.

"We just wanted to let them know when they got back, they weren't forgotten."

"A lot of these soldiers are coming home and they don't have anyone here to welcome them. So this is our way of giving them a hug and thank you for what they've done and welcome home." adds Michele Pritchard, also a wife of an Army soldier.

The "thank you" comes in the form of a pillowcase. Decorated to remind returning soldiers, their service is appreciated.

"Doing the pillowcases for the single soldiers is a way to let them know we care and they are our heroes each one of them." adds Geise.

This project by these two army wives has spread outside of their central Oahu living rooms, and into the homes of families across the country. Their initial emails asking for decorated pillowcases has turned into a website, and has already reached over a thousand people. Now, the boxes of handcrafted gifts are pouring back in.

"I don't think there will be a box I open that I don't shed a tear in gratitude for their thoughtfulness for our soldiers." says Geise.

Some pillowcases are patriotic in design, others are crafted by kids who, even at a young age, recognize the sacrifice of the soldiers.

"Looking at the ones that are coming back, they're from the heart and I think those are the ones that are mean the most to our soldiers."

And when the soldiers return, waiting for them will be other homemade and heartfelt gifts, in the hopes they will sleep soundly. Along with these words of comfort that come with every pillowcase.

"As you lay your head down in the quiet of the night, in the safety of home, know that you are honored and truly a hero, thank you!"

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