Drifters Warn About Illegal Street Racing

AIEA (KHNL) - The countdown begins. A sport for those who like to live in the fast lane is just a few races away from being phased out on Oahu. After Saturday's race, drifters only have two more events left.

Their contract with Aloha Stadium ends in November, which means drifters will no longer have a place to go.

What's stopping drifters in their tracks is too much opposition. All the screeching sparked complaints from neighbors.

Critics say banning drifting events from Aloha Stadium will only fuel illegal street racing. With Hawaii Raceway Park shut down, event organizers say drifters will no longer have an outlet.

"Racing, drifting, guys need a place to let their aggressions out and if there's no place to do it they're going to do it out on the streets. It's always been that way," says drifter Sean Oliberos.

The drifting community is trying to convince lawmakers to give them a track. Since the demographic of the sport is mostly made up of young adults, drifting organizers plan to spend their last few races getting more youth to register to vote.

Their hope is to garner political support from drifting fans to keep the sport alive on Oahu.

The very last drifting event at Aloha Stadium is the November 17-18th weekend.