Suspected Botulism Patient Goes Home

Jonathan Stockton
Jonathan Stockton

July 28, 2007 3:55 PM

MAUI (KHNL) - A Maui man hospitalized for a suspected case of botulism is back home Saturday.

33-year-old Jonathan Stockton was hospitalized after eating a recalled can of chili earlier this week.  He was taken to Maui Memorial Medical Center after experiencing symptoms of botulism poisoning -- including paralysis of his eyes, cheeks and tongue.

"Its been quite a process. Its pretty frightening to be on the bed there and seeing these things move top down, down toward my mouth and my chin area, just wondering if they were going to start restrict my breathing," says Stockton.

So far, state officials have not confirmed whether Stockton had botulism poisoning.  Samples were taken from Stockton, although it will be several days until the results are ready.  He had been kept overnight to ensure that the numbness Stockton was feeling didn't spread.