Maui Sees Possible Botulism Case

MAUI (KHNL) - A Maui man is hospitalized after eating one of the recalled brands of canned chili.

So far, state health officials have not yet confirmed it as a botulism case, but it has all the makings of one.

33-year-old Jon Stockton tells us he purchased the Cattle Drive canned chili at the Costco store in Kahului.

He also says he ate the chili on three separate occasions earlier this week, before getting sick.

Initially, he thought he was suffering from food poisoning, but then he began suffering more severe symptoms associated with botulism poisoning -- symptoms that included minor paralysis of his eyes, cheeks, even his tongue.

"It's been quite a process. It's pretty frightening to be on the bed there and seeing these things move top down, down toward my mouth and my chin area, just wondering if they were going to start restrict my breathing," says Stockton.

Doctors at Maui Memorial contacted the Centers for Disease Control.

They also took samples from Stockton, though it will take several days before they know the results.

He's being held overnight to make sure the numbness doesn't continue to spread down into his lungs where it may cause breathing difficulty.