Latest Airfare War Offers Plenty of Open Seats

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Hawaii's airfare war is heating up once again.  The three main interisland carriers are now offering round-trip airfares on their websites for as low as $40.

It started when go! airlines announced their one-dollar airfares Thursday. Now Hawaiian and Aloha are striking back with their own deal. And that means there are plenty of open seats to choose from.

Go! Airlines wants to be known as Hawaii's Low-Fare Airline. That's why they continue to find a way to undercut their competition. This latest one, a dollar one-way interisland airfare on Monday, July 30.

Travel experts say go! is playing a "catch me if you can" game.

But Hawaiian and Aloha are doing their best to catch up.

Hawaiian is offering a  $19 fare for travel from Saturday through August 13.

Aloha is offering a $20 fare starting Monday and also ending August 13.

But unlike go!, Hawaiian and Aloha do not require an overnight stay.

If you want to take advantage of this latest promotion, you are in luck.

On Aloha, there are six $20 flights going from Honolulu to Kona on Thursday August 2, and three flights returning on Sunday, August 4.

On Hawaiian, you can find seven flights from Honolulu to Kahului on Wednesday, August 8 and four returning on Saturday, August 11.

With Hawaiian and Aloha's latest deal, go! struck back with a similar promotion, $19 seats for travel from Monday to August 13. But the flights must be purchased by the end of Friday, July 27.

Travel experts say this wild fare war will continue for a little while longer.