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Ex-Warrior Returns to Alma Mater

Craig Stutzmann Craig Stutzmann

July 26, 2007 07:49 PM

(KHNL)- A brand new high school football season is still a few weeks away.

But already, some teams are busy at work, looking to get an early jump on the competition.

One of them is taking a family approach to prepare for the big season.

That family being, the UH football family.

Hawaii fans remember Craig Stutzmann as hawaii's tough as nails, over-the-middle receiver in the early June Jones era.

Now, Stutz is taking the lessons learned in college, to the high school game, and he's taking some friends along with him.

"Overall we got 7. Alapai'i Andrews, Ricky Lumford, John Kauka, Chris Brown, La'anui Correa, myself and Matt Wright."

That's 7 former Warrior football players, all on one coaching staff.

Seven, with one goal and one WAC championship memory.

"All of us played on the same championship team, and what we wanted to do was take that same mentality and same calibre of play that we learned from the coaches at UH."

And those lessons are still valuable today.

After all these years, it looks like June Jones knew what he was teaching after all.

"You can't help but to reiterate the things that the coaches taught you. You find yourself saying the same things, acting the same way that they used to."

"All it is is regurgitation. All I do is remember what coach Jones said and I just regurgitate it through myself."

June Jones had a big impact on developing these guys as players. And now, albeit from a distance, he's helping to shape them as coaches.

"I think they're more critical now that I'm a coach, then when I was a player."

"Pick their brains. Trying to see if I can get a job coaching the DB's down there?"

And if there's no college coaching ahead, at least this high school gig gets them out of the house.

"I think our girlfriends, our wives, like it that we get to get out here and get away from them too."

Stutzmann and the rest of his UH alumni coaching staff are in off-season workouts right now.

They get it going for real, for the upcoming season, in a couple of weeks.

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