Salt Lake Parking Restricted

Laverne Higa
Laverne Higa


You may be slapped with a fine if you park your car in a Honolulu neighborhood.

Salt Lake residents won't be able to park their vehicles in certain areas, beginning next week.

"Right now, there's no restricted parking, so many times we can't get to the curb to get the trash," said Laverne Higa, with the Facility Maintenance Department.

That's why they're restricting parking in the neighborhood. Beginning Aug. 2, parking will be limited on Ala Ilima, Ala Lilikoi, Ala Nanala, Ala Nanu and Likini.

On Thursdays, between 9 and 11 a.m., you won't be allowed to park on one side of each street, and then on Fridays, parking will be restricted on the other side.

"To minimize the impacts to the residents and at the same time, accomplish our purpose to getting the trash off the streets before it gets into the streams and the waterways," said Higa.

City officials are alerting residents by posting signs and placing flyers on cars.

"Look the street, the thing is clean, most of the residents, they take care," said Calvin Chun, resident.

Cars parked here illegally, will be tagged.

City officials plan to do this for a year.

If it works, they may restrict parking in other communities on Oahu, to clean the streets.