Schofield Soldiers Give Big Send Off For Japanese Guests

Ty Norman
Ty Norman

WAIMANALO (KHNL) - It's the end of a week-long vacation in paradise for four special guests from Japan. They're orphans, brought here as part of a long-time military tradition.

Everyone involved says they had an enjoyable week. The kids had a nice vacation and the host families say they've learned an important lesson.

A picnic at Bellows is the perfect way to end this vacation for four Japanese children. That's because it was the most memorable part of their trip.

"The beach is my favorite," said 10-year old Hayato Nishida.

The children are orphans from the Holy Family Home in Osaka, Japan. They've been on oahu for the last week, spending time with families from the Wolfhounds at Schofield Barracks.

"I had lots of fun when we down the waterslides," said 8-year old Teirra Norman, one of the host families.

The kids even perform a hula, as a way to say thanks to their hosts.

"i'll write them about some of the things that I do in Japan once I gets back," said Nishida.

They make new friends here, in an experience that these children say they will remember for a long time.

And so will those who opened their homes, and hearts. Because this week has taught them something about their own families.

"Make the most of what you got with your loved ones," said Spc. Ty Norman. "I don't know the story with the kids, how they end up there, but it made me appreciate my family a lot more."

This exchange started in 1949, after the Wolfhounds helped the orphanage move to a better facility. The families who participated say it's an honor to be a part of this tradition.