Stepping Up

Some good news...  Well, supposedly better news, on the education front last week as Hawaii's public school test scores showed some progress for the first time in six years.  However, almost 40% of local schools did not meet goals.  And some believe a change in the methodology of tests is partially the reason some of the numbers look better.  Nonetheless, it's a move in the right direction, and you gotta start somewhere.

Ok, here's a challenge, a test if you will.  How about if public school parents really step up to the plate with their school-age kids starting now; how about if parents take greater accountability and responsibility for prepping their kids--with food, as best they can, with motivation, with concern, with care, with genuine love and interest in their kid's reading, writing and 'rithmetic.

School is not a babysitting service, and aspiring to greater things in life can be directly proportional to the value one sees and one gets out of his or her school years.  Yeh, we have some good teachers and some not so good teachers.  Unfortunately, the system allows that to fester.  But we also have plenty of good and not so good parents when it comes to school involvement.  So take it upon yourself this year to step it up, to get involved, to be a teammate of your maturing child.  We all win when that game is played.  Think About It.