Community Complaints May Leave Drifters Homeless

(KHNL) - They push their cars to the limit, with squealing tires and smoke in the sport of drifting.

But drivers to this growing sport may face their biggest challenge from the community.

Complaints could put the brakes on the fast action held at Aloha Stadium.

Drifters slide around Aloha Stadium, delighting fans but annoying some neighbors.

"Especially those neighbors who live at Crosspointe, they have a real problem with the screeching noise, its a constant screeching throughout the day." says Aiea representative, Lynn Finnegan.

But event organizers say drift sessions aren't any louder than other events at the stadium.

"when we took our decibel readings, the u2 concert was way louder than our drifting activities." says Tracy Arakaki, a drifting organizer.

But the screeching of tires has turned some off to the sport, and some surrounding communities are calling for an end to the events at Aloha Stadium.

"The residents were sympathetic about not having a place to race, but being uncomfortable with the noise, they said, just find another place." adds Finnegan.

Drifters say they have no where else to go, because Hawaii Raceway Park has been shut down. And unless another site can be found, it could be the end of the road for this growing sport because of growing complaints.

The drifting community is not only gathering fans but also voters, with a registration taking place at this weekend's event, in the hopes, they can show how important this sport is in the next election.