Young Transpac Sailors Break World Record

Dan Doyle
Dan Doyle
Cameron Biehl
Cameron Biehl

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - Several young sailors have broken a nearly 40-year-old world record.

Five sailors of On the Edge of Destiny, a 35- foot yacht, make up the youngest crew ever to sail in Transpac race history. We met them today, just after they finished their 12 day, twelve hour journey.

Some parents cringe at the thought of their kids voyaging across the Pacific Ocean on a 35-foot boat. Not Dan Doyle. Both of his sons -- ages 18 and 19, were part of the youngest Transpac team ever.

"All of them, literally every single one of them has hours of sailing from the time they were six or seven years old, said father Dan Doyle. So, they're all very highly regarded and you take all of that experience and competitiveness and put it together on one boat, only good things are going to happen."

"Mom" to crew member Cameron Biehl admits she was a little nervous.

"He's a very good sailor but to send your son across the pacific is a little unnerving," said Biehl.

The race was the first time the record-breakers had ever sailed together.

"To me it's really not that big of a deal, said skipper Sean Doyle. Yeah we did beat it, but that not the reason that we did the race, we did it so that we could try and beat all the other boats."

They didn't win the race, but had a strong finish, coming in third in their division.

Sean's brother Justin is the youngest member of the team, and a recent high school graduate.

"I don't feel any different from the other guys, but being the youngest person on the youngest team is a pretty cool thing, said Justin Doyle."

It was a tough journey for these students, used to life's amenities.

"Most people don't know how hard it really is. I mean, we showered a few times. Just salt water, grab a bucket off the back, and dump it on your head, laughed Sean Doyle."

They finished the race at 1:11 a.m. Wednesday.

The crew's average age is just under 20-years old. That's three years younger than the previous record holding team that sailed back in 1969.