Former U.H. Star Gives Back

Vince Manuwai
Vince Manuwai
July 24, 2007 07:29 PM

(KHNL)- Unlike Charles Barkley, who once said he is not a role model to young children, former UH football star Vince Manuwai is taking the role model tag and he's running with it.

The current member of the Jacksonville Jaguars is back at home to give back to his home community.

And believe it or not, there actually was a time when big Vince, wasn't quite so big.

And he sat through the same lectures given to other young local athletes.

"You know I was growing up and as a little kid watching all of the other older guys and now looking at it from this point of view its weird because I'm talking to these kids."

Now all grown up at a svelt, 6-2 and 325 pounds.

The former Warrior, turned Jags offensive lineman, says its now his turn to pump up those who now hang on his every word.

"Its just for the kids to know that they have one of their own from Hawaii to come back and talk to them and is at the level playing where they can see me on TV and can be like cool he does play on the NFL level."

Manuwai has not forgotten the launching pad for his sky rocketing NFL career.

Earlier this year, he made a monetary donation to his alma mater, Farrington High School.

"Actually I worked with the NFL where every other year, you can donate the max of five thousand dollars and they match five thousand, so it was a good deal in all. Of course, when I gave back it was something for the kids and the sport that got me the job I'm doing now."

Manuwai signed a 5-year, 20 million dollar contract with the Jaguars last December.

He was a 3rd round pick for Jacksonville, back in 2003.