Pyewacket Wins Transpac Race

Roy Pat Disney
Roy Pat Disney
Richard Loewy
Richard Loewy

by: Mari-Ela David

HONOLULU HARBOR (KHNL) - For the past century, sailors have challenged the Pacific Ocean in the Transpac race. This year, many yachts and the world's best sailors not only had to deal with wind and waves, but also the effects of tropical depression Cosme, to reach our waters.

The week-long race from California to Hawaii ended with Roy E. Disney's Pyewacket as the first to cross the red buoy finish line.

"Pretty exhilarating at 25 knots," says co-captain Roy Pat Disney.

Winning the Transpacific Yacht Race seems to run through the Disney family's blood. This year, Disney's son, Roy P. Disney, took over for him as co-captain of Pyewacket, and earned the fastest elapsed time honors. But the crew says the race wasn't exactly smooth sailing.

"The first three days, there was no wind, and what wind we had was from the wrong direction," says Disney.

"We were a little disappointed in the beginning of the race, where there was a little bit lighter air, we were trying to set a new lapse time record which we couldn't quite do," says crew member Richard Loewy.

Pyewacket may not have anchored in a new record, but the crew says its first place win is still worth celebrating.

"It's just an unbelievable time. It's just like locking 20 guys in a condo with no where to go for a week, you got to get along," says Loewy.

"I'm glad to be in Hawaii, I love coming to Hawaii. It's my 17th trip here on this race and it never gets old," says Disney.