Finding the Diamonds in the Rough

Max Emfinger
Max Emfinger
July 23, 2007 12:06 PM

(KHNL)- There are those who say they live for football, but for Max Emfinger, football 'IS' life.

For over 30 years, Emfinger has been scouting and rating the top high school athletes in the nation.

"When I first started 37 years ago," said Emfinger.  "I got into to make money and help recruiting buffs know who the top players were, rank the top players. But I guess around 2000 or 2001, I saw so many young men were fabulous football players that for some reason could not make it onto a recruiting list."

Since then Emfinger has made it his mission so to speak, to help players who otherwise may have fallen through the cracks, get noticed by college recruiters.

"The minority players, the foreign decent players, under privileged kids, under opportunistic kids those are the type of players that i'm trying to find more than the superstars," he said. "That's my mission and i've got lots of help from high school coaches and college coaches."

Last year through his youth foundation and his annual all-star game, most of which is paid out his own pocket, Emfinger aided 62 players in receiving a college football scholarship.

"We have a lot of help from the lord and we pray about it a lot and miracles after miracles happen," Emfinger said. "We're just trying to help get these kids and education and be pillars of the community the rest of their lives."

Tomorrow morning, Emfinger will host his first Hawaii All American Combine, starting at 8:00 am on the Kamehameha Campus.