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The Art of Collecting Koi

Taro Kodama Taro Kodama

By Beth Hillyer

MILILANI (KHNL) - It's feeding time at the Kodama Koi farm. Mamoru Kodama feeds pellets of his secret recipe to the hungry koi.

In each tank there are amazing color combinations.

President Taro Kodama is the tour guide, "Koi is living art, living jewels. Unlike diamonds, the more you feed, the more you care, they will grow. The beauty actually grows in your pond."

Taro Kodama learned the business from his father. Mamoru Kodama started breeding koi in Japan 40 years ago. At the annual koi competition, he's won the equivalent of best-in-show. Taro Kodama is proud to report, "My father has won grand champion in Japan five times, we are doing well."

Fish range from $20 to $20,000 dollars.

 "We try to build the real quality Japanese Koi from Japan, raise them here with perfect weather", says Kodama.

Now most serious koi collectors have their favorite, whether it's a favorite color like gold or platinum or maybe their favorite pattern, to many koi collectors, it's all about the pattern.

They ship to collectors on the mainland as more people are building water gardens and incorporating koi.

Kodama's advice, "Just buy a small aquarium, small pond put a few koi, feed them, just try to see how enjoyable it is. "

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