A Tadd Excited

Ah, yes, all of the experts are pontificating about the rocky road ahead for young phenom, Tadd Fujikawa.  To compare Tadd to anyone else would be foolish, just like it would be crazy (based on reality today) to suggest that Tiger Wood's being strapped in his high chair and forced to watch videos of golf swings at age two was a mistake.  Different strokes, for different folks... Pardon the pun.

I should again point out as I have in the past that I am not really an outside media observer on the "Tadd going pro" story.  I consider myself a family friend, and I've known him since he was a kid--oh, yeh, he still is.  I also know that these are conscientious, bright, involved parents and grandparents who care first and foremost about their child's well-being.  And if Tadd and family have decided that now is the time for him to become a part of the hyper-competitive pro golf world, whatever form that may take here or abroad, then so be it.  I say we applaud him just like we did at Waialae in January and just like we would have done last week if we saw him practicing up at Pearl Country Club.  He's still Honolulu's-own 16-year old Tadd Fujikawa, folks.

Hey, Tadd's our guy, a regular guy who has overcome death-defying odds, literally; he's the ultimate underdog, and this is his journey that is just getting under way.  He and his family have made their choice, they've done their homework, and they certainly know all about the bookkeeping.  So Tadd, buddy, may you and all your shots fly straight, and may your boyish smile, dreams, and enthusiasm never diminish.  Think About It.